Matsuya "Grilled beef rice"
This is the one that won first place!

The results of the "Matsuya Reprint Menu General Election" held at Matsuya have been announced. "Grilled beef rice" (21,386 votes) won the 1st place!

Roasted beef rice is a dish of juicy and tender beef baked on an iron plate and entwined with a “spicy” sauce. It is a "legendary menu" sold in 2012. Since it was ranked first in the vote this time, it will be reprinted and sold in the fall of 2018.

Matsuya "Grilled beef rice"
I'm looking forward to the resurrection!

The second place is "diced steak set meal" (15,142 votes). It was sold in January 2013, and on the day of its release, it was so popular that many stores were sold out.

Matsuya "diced steak set meal"

The third place is "Favorite pork shabu-shabu set meal" (13,589 votes). This is the 2006 "phantom menu" where you can enjoy soft and fluffy pork shabu-shabu with garnished green onions, grated radish, ponzu sauce and sesame sauce.

Matsuya "Favorite pork shabu-shabu set meal"

Did the menu you voted for make it into the top three?