KALDI "Moheji Coffee Dorayaki"

At the freezing corner of KALDI Coffee Farm, I found "Moheji Coffee Dorayaki". I was curious, so I tried it. The price is 194 yen (tax included).

KALDI "Moheji Coffee Dora"
Simple package

Dorayaki with fresh cream containing coffee sandwiched between skins kneaded with roasted coffee from Guatemala. Thaw naturally before eating.

KALDI "Moheji Coffee Dora"
The dough is swelling with cream

A mellow scent is fluffy from the moist skin. Following the richness of fresh cream, the aroma gradually spreads in the mouth. It's not a sponge but a dorayaki skin, so it's mainly coffee but has a slightly Japanese taste. The mellow sweetness of mirin and honey enhances the taste of coffee.

KALDI "Moheji Coffee Dora"

"Moheji Coffee Dorayaki" is a surprising match between coffee and dorayaki. If you go to KALDI, take a look at the freezing corner!