Morinaga Ice "Ice Cafe au lait"

The ice bar "Ice Cafe au lait" sold by Morinaga & Co., Ltd. The purchase price is 298 yen (excluding tax).

Morinaga & Co. Ice Bar "Ice Cafe au lait"

"Ice Cafe au lait" is an ice bar with a mellow taste where you can enjoy the aroma and richness of coffee. It's similar to Glico's "Cafe au lait ice bar" , which I reviewed before, but Morinaga's "Ice cafe au lait" has a "creamy whip" at the tip.

Morinaga Ice "Ice Cafe au lait"
Ice cafe au lait

The coated ice has a crispy texture, and there is plenty of ice with a crunchy texture inside. The creamy whipped cream that adds mellow richness and sweetness is a good accent.

Morinaga Ice "Ice Cafe au lait"
Creamy whip at the tip adds mellowness

The coffee flavor is modest and the overall smooth finish. It feels sweet while eating, but the aftertaste is refreshing and non-greasy! Perfect for summer snacks.

Morinaga's ice cream "Ice Cafe au lait" is a must-try for cafe au lait lovers. It seems fun to buy it with Glico "Cafe Ole Ice Bar" and compare it.