Bontan candy liquor

Seika Foods' long-selling confectionery "Botan Rice Candy". A soft candy wrapped in oblate. Have you ever eaten it?

I found "Botan candy liquor" made in the image of the flavor of bontan candy at a supermarket in Tokyo. The price is 1,077 yen (tax included).

Bontan candy liquor
Contents are 500ml (16.91us fl oz)

Familiar classical design based on navy. Not only the package but also the color of sake is the same soft orange as candy.

Bontan candy liquor and bontan candy
Just like

We use pomelo juice and Satsuma mandarin juice grown in the tropical sun. The citrus-specific scent gently escapes into your nose. Following the refreshing sweetness is a faint bitterness like marmalade. Alcohol (6% frequency) leaves a fever on the tongue. The writer who loves alcohol thought that he could drink a lot like juice, but some staff members who don't usually drink alcohol said that "rock is a little stronger alcohol".

Bontan candy liquor
Juice is 4%

Divide it with carbonated water for a more refreshing impression. The squishy bubbles and fruity flavor pass through your throat.

Bontan candy liquor
The stimulation of carbonic acid is comfortable

It is recommended not only to drink but also to "sprinkle". I especially recommend the ice cream "SACRE Lemon". The sweetness of pomelo is the best match for the fresh acidity and bitterness of lemon. There is no doubt that you will be addicted to a refreshing adult snack.

Bontan candy liquor and sacre
And a refreshing mouth

When you put it on vanilla ice cream, the flavor becomes richer. The sweet and sour taste is wrapped in a mellow body.

Bontan candy liquor and vanilla ice cream

"Bontan Ame no Sake" that you can enjoy as it is or arrange it. Please enjoy the "adult taste" of candy that you have been accustomed to since you were a child.