7-ELEVEN "Kuzukiri black honey eaten with chopsticks"
Easy "Kuzukiri" that can be eaten as it is without draining (all image sources are official websites)

New arrival sweets such as "Kuzukiri eat with chopsticks" will be released sequentially from June 19th at each 7-ELEVEN store (excluding some areas and stores). The lineup of interest is the following four items.

・ Gorotto Mango Mango Pudding (213 yen, tax included, same below)

7-ELEVEN "Gorotto Mango Mango Pudding"

Early summer pudding with mango. Mango pudding with a creamy and smooth texture is topped with mango pulp and sauce to create a tailoring that allows you to enjoy a moderate acidity.

・ Fluffy bracken Uji matcha & roasted green tea (118 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Fluffy bracken Uji matcha & roasted green tea"

"Fluffy bracken" using Uji matcha and roasted green tea. Uji matcha cream and black honey are wrapped in bracken dough kneaded with matcha and sprinkled with fragrant roasted green tea.

・ Black honey Kuzukiri eaten with chopsticks (167 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Kuzukiri black honey eaten with chopsticks"

Kuzukiri, a classic sweets shop. It is a product that you can enjoy by sprinkling rich black honey on the smooth and smooth Kuzukiri. There is no need to drain water, and you can eat it as it is in the car or in the office.

・ Double cream Uji matcha milk pudding (224 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Double Cream Uji Matcha Milk Pudding"

Milk pudding using Uji matcha. Rich and smooth matcha pudding with whipped cream and matcha whipped cream. A well-balanced tailoring of sweetness and bittersweetness.