Sangaria "Tsubumi"
Tsutsumi, have you ever had a drink?

Sangaria "Tsubumi

Have you ever heard of a juice called "Tsubumi"? It is sold by beverage manufacturer Sangalia, and it is devilishly delicious....

Not many stores or vending machines carry it, and you're lucky if you find it! The rarity of the Tsubumi is about as rare as it gets, which makes it all the more mystical. Its secret popularity has even led to the creation of the "National Tsubumi Map," a map of all the places where Tsubumi is found on the Web.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the Tsubumi. There are three flavors.

I drank three kinds of "Tsubumi

The lineup consists of three types (at the time of writing): "Tsubumi White Grape," "Tsubumi Orange," and "Tsubumi Aloe White Grape Flavor. I will start with my personal favorite, Tsubumi White Grape.

Sangaria "Tsubumi"
From left to right: orange, white grape, aloe white grape

white grape

Sangaria "Tsubumi"
My favorite is white grapes!

Tsubumi White Grapes" is a 20% grape juice that contains whole white grapes with the skins and seeds removed. I counted up to 15 grapes while drinking. Anyway, plenty!

Sangaria "Tsubumi"
More and more white grape berries are coming out.

The grapes that pop into your mouth as you drink are plump and plentiful, and when you bite into them, you are flooded with the sweetness of the fresh grapes. It sinks into your thirsty throat! What a refreshing fruit flavor...! It is as if you are drinking the squeezed juice as it is.

Sangaria "Tsubumi"
It looks small in the picture, but when you drink it, it's huge!

A couple of grains come into your mouth in one sip, so it feels like you are eating rather than drinking. There is no other juice with so much pulp in it. The pleasure of gulping it down on a dry throat day is indescribable.

Mutsubumi Mi-Orange

Next is "Tsubutsubumi Orange". This juice is made from 20% orange juice with the addition of grains of Onshu mandarin oranges.

Sangaria "Tsubumi"
Buddha's realisation

The orange pulp is full of mashed orange pulp. Each sip is fresh, with the pulpy texture flowing into the mouth and the sweet-savory juice popping out. It is like biting into a whole orange!

Sangaria "Tsubumi"

Sangaria "Tsubumi"
So much pulp!

Crush Aloe White Grape Flavor

The last one is "Tsubumi Aloe White Grape Flavor". I had the hardest time getting it this time... (I couldn't find it anywhere and ended up buying it by mail order). This juice has the texture of aloe leaf pulp and the aroma of fresh grapes at the same time. It contains 20% fruit juice.

Sangaria "Tsubumi"
Aloe white grapes, which are hard to find

The fruity grape-flavored juice is packed with aloe leaf pulp. Shake well before drinking, and you will experience the sweetness of grapes and the soft, melting texture of aloe in your mouth. Refreshing~!

Sangaria "Tsubumi"

Sangaria "Tsubumi"
shaking gently

Where can I buy one?

In the Tokyo area, we were told that Don Quijote and other stores carry the product, but the stock varies from store to store. We think it is best to check with Sangaria first to see if there are any shipments to your area, and then contact the store directly.

If it is too much trouble for you, you can buy them in bulk on the Internet, which is fine! If you haven't had it yet, try the "Tsubumi White Grape" first! I am sure you will be captivated by it.