FamilyMart "Punihoppe. (Custard whipped cream)"
FamilyMart's cheek "Puni Hoppe." Is in stock! (All image sources are official websites)

New arrival sweets such as "Punihoppe. (Custard whipped cream)" will be released on June 19th at each FamilyMart store. Attention is these 4 items.

・ Thick baked cheese tart (158 yen, tax included, same below)

FamilyMart "Thick Grilled Cheese Tart"

A charred, fragrant cheese tart. Danish cream cheese is used, and you can enjoy the rich cheese taste.

・ New York cheesecake (238 yen)

FamilyMart "New York Cheesecake"

A rich cheesecake made with Danish cream cheese. The tart on the bottom accents the texture.

・ Puni cheeks. (Custard whip) (100 yen)

FamilyMart "Punihoppe. (Custard whipped cream)"

Sweets with a chewy texture and smooth custard whipped cream. The custard cream uses "rich and delicious eggs" produced at a designated farm.

・ Almond cake donut (118 yen)

FamilyMart "Almond Cake Donuts"

Flavorful cake donuts with almonds kneaded into the dough.