Freshness Burger Morning "Mini Burger Set"

Do you know the "Morning Set" that is offered at each Freshness Burger store (excluding some stores) from the opening until 11:00 am?

Freshness Burger Takadanobaba
Freshness Burger

The menu is

・ Pound cake set (pound cake, drink) Price: 380 yen ・ Minibar burger set (mini cheeseburger or mini teriyaki burger, drink) Price: 430 yen ・ Soup & coleslaw salad set (vegetable soup or mushroom cream soup, coleslaw salad) Price :500 yen

3 types (all tax excluded). Drinks

・ Blend coffee ・ Organic tea ・ Rosehip tea ・ Chamomile tea ・ Coca ・ Cola ・ Coca ・ Cola ZERO
・ Melon soda ・ Sprite ・ Sokenbicha

You can choose the one you like.

Freshness Burger Morning Menu
Morning set menu

The author chose the mini cheeseburger and rosehip tea from the "Mini Cheeseburger Set". The burger is a little small, but it's just the right size in the morning.

Freshness Burger Morning "Mini Burger Set"
Mini cheeseburger set

Freshness Burger Morning "Mini Burger Set"
Certainly mini size

The fluffy buns, crispy fresh vegetables, and smooth, rich cheese are often entwined with the patty. It is thick and looks great. After all, the "layer" is the life of a burger.

Freshness Burger Morning "Mini Burger Set"

It doesn't feel junk, so it's perfect for filling your stomach in the morning. Recommended when you want to enjoy a burger for a while or when you want to take a break. Freshness Burger's morning "Mini Burger Set", try it when you see a store ♪

* Menus and prices are as of the time of the interview. May vary by store