Fujiya "White Milky Chocolate (Amaou Strawberry)"
With melty sauce

Fujiya will release "White Milky Chocolate (Amaou Strawberry)" on November 14th and "Chocolate Veil (Strawberry Tailoring) MP" on November 21st.

White milky chocolate (Amaou strawberry) is a white chocolate with the image of Fujiya's "milky" and a rich Amaou strawberry sauce. A beautiful dish with pure white chocolate and red strawberries that can be seen through. It's perfect for taking a break in the cold season. The price is open.

Chocolat Veil (Strawberry Tailored) MP is strawberry-flavored baked chocolate wrapped in smooth milk chocolate. In addition, it is sprinkled with pink fiantine (a finely crushed thinly baked crepe) to create a special triple structure. It seems that you can enjoy the crispy texture of Fiantine and the moist texture of baked chocolate at the same time. The estimated price is 130 yen (tax included).

Fujiya "Chocolate Veil (Strawberry Tailoring) MP"
Chocolate is hard to come by!