Morozoff "Hokkaido White Chocolate Cake" limited to Daimaru Sapporo Store.

Morozoff Daimaru Sapporo Store Limited Hokkaido White Chocolate C

ake Morozoff will sell "Hokkaido White Chocolate Cake" exclusively at Daimaru Sapporo Store. The release date is September 25. It will be sold at the Morozoff sales floor on the first basement floor of the Daimaru Sapporo store.

Hokkaido White

Chocolate Cake

: A gateau chocolat baked in the shape of a cacao pod using white chocolate made from milk grown in the magnificent nature of Hokkaido. The cake is moist and smooth, and is layered with white glacage chocolate for a milky, rich taste. This dense and enchanting chocolate cake makes the most of Hokkaido's natural bounty.

Prices are as follows All prices including tax

Single item 194 yen
3 pieces 583 yen
4 pieces 918 yen
9 pieces 1,965 yen
12 pieces 2,527 yen