Godiva "Hot Chocolixa Green Tea

Godiva "

Hot Chocolixer Matcha" A new flavor of the chocolate drink "Chocolixer", "Hot Chocolixer Matcha", will be available at Godiva's Chocolixer stores in limited quantities and for a limited time starting October 1.

Hot Chocolixer


"Hot Chocolixer Matcha" is a hot chocolixer made with Godiva's white chocolate and organic matcha green tea. The gentle sweetness of the white chocolate with its milky flavor is blended with the richness and moderate bitterness of matcha.

Godiva "Hot Chocolixa Green Tea

Topped with whipped cream and matcha powder, this hot chocolate drink also has a mellow aroma. It will be available from October 1 to March 31, 2024. The price is 630 yen (tax included).

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