Yakiniku from Takada Baba "Genkaya"
\ I want to eat yakiniku with human money! /

"I want to eat yakiniku with human money!", Which is often seen on Twitter. Certainly I want to eat meat with human money, and if possible I want to eat full. However, there aren't many people who say, "Eat yakiniku with my money!" Then, there is no choice but to "eat yakiniku with good cost performance with your own money".

■ I want to eat yakiniku at a reasonable price
Therefore, I would like to recommend the yakiniku market "Genkaya" . Since it is a butcher shop, it offers meat at a price close to the cost, and you can enjoy it at a considerably reasonable price compared to other stores. I wonder if the store name is also "cost shop".

I went to "Genkaya Takadanobaba", which is about a 2-minute walk from JR Takadanobaba Station. Usually, there are lines outside the store, but it seems that it happened to be vacant on that day.

Appearance of Takada Baba "Genkaya"

The store is crowded with office workers and student groups on their way home from work. The seat I passed through was a seat for two people in the back of the store. I used to go there when I was a student, but this is the first time I've tried yakiniku.

Interior of Takada Baba "Genkaya"
Passed to 2 seats

Basically, all food and drinks are 290 yen (excluding tax). There are some menus such as "aged ribs" and "beef tongue" that "couldn't cost 290 yen" , but it's still 390 yen per plate. Cheap enough.

Takada Baba "Genkaya" menu
All items 290 yen

Takada Baba "Genkaya" menu
There is also a 390 yen menu inside

I ordered 8 kinds of oolong tea, original ribs, loin, shirokoro (miso flavor), pork toro, pickled ribs (limited quantity), bowser, and garlic grilled. Don't despise the meat for 290 yen per plate. Although it is not a large serving, the amount and thickness are decent . Meat that doesn't become "this is disappointing ..." after asking.

Takada Baba "Genkaya" original ribs and loin
Original ribs and loin

Takada Baba "Genkaya"

Takada Baba "Genkaya" Pork Toro
Pork toro

Pickled ribs from Takada Baba "Genkaya"
Pickled ribs

Takada Baba "Genkaya" garlic grilled
Grilled garlic

While the smoke is rising, I roast the meat silently. The surroundings were full of group customers, and although my self-consciousness ached at first, my appetite won when I baked a few sheets, and I didn't really care. The power of meat is amazing.

Roasting meat at Takada Baba "Genkaya"

At Genkaya, you can enjoy three types of "sweet soy sauce" that matches lean ribs, "miso sauce" that matches lean ribs, chicken and pork, and "sesame oil sauce" that matches hormones (from left to right in the image). It's nice to be able to choose the sauce that suits your taste.

Takada Baba "Genkaya" sauce
3 kinds of sauce

The original ribs that are delicious to eat, the soft loin, and the pork toro with plenty of oil are juicy but not persistent, and the chewy white (large intestine) is an irresistible dish for hormone lovers. It seems to repeat, but all of them are very satisfying, which I can't think of as 290 yen per item .

Yakiniku from Takada Baba "Genkaya"
With plenty of sauce

Takada Baba "Genkaya" Pork Toro

Especially recommended is the popular pickled ribs . The large cut meat has a garlic flavor and is insanely juicy and excellent in response to eating. It's good that you want to put white rice in it.

Pickled ribs from Takada Baba "Genkaya"
Enjoy enough without sauce

Don't forget to grill the garlic. Garlic cooked with plenty of oil is amazing! When you bite into the warm fruit, the taste spreads throughout your mouth. You can eat it with meat or you can eat it alone. The texture changes depending on the heating time, so you can enjoy it in various ways.

Takada Baba "Genkaya" garlic grilled
It makes me feel really good when I eat it

Takada Baba "Genkaya" garlic grilled

Takada Baba "Genkaya" garlic grilled
It's okay to warm it until it gets browned

The shime is a lot of bowser. Even the soup is delicious. In addition to this, there are plenty of side menus such as "Ishiyaki Bibimbap" and "Garlic Rice", and desserts such as "Annin Tofu" and "Cheesecake Ice Cream".

Bowser of Takada Baba "Genkaya"

Bowser of Takada Baba "Genkaya"
Ume ~!

Even if you eat until you are quite hungry, the total cost is 2,506 yen (tax included). "Genkaya" where you can enjoy gutsuri meat at a reasonable price. Don't say, "It doesn't make sense if you can't eat it with your own money!"

Yakiniku from Takada Baba "Genkaya"

■ Genkaya Takadanobaba Store Address: 1-27-2 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Ichikawa Building 1F