Gyu-Kaku "Good Meat Day Festival !!" Campaign

The "Good Meat Day Festival !!" campaign will be held from November 18th to December 1st at each yakiniku chain and Gyu-Kaku store. During the period, domestic Japanese black beef ribs will be half price for any number of dishes, and the popular meat menu will be at a special price.

"Good Meat Day Festival !!" is a campaign held with the desire to "enjoy good meat to your heart's content." Since November 29th is the annual "Good Meat Day", it will be held before and after that. Gyu-Kaku's Japanese black beef, which has been selected by Japanese beef professionals, is characterized by its rich and deep taste and its melting texture. The regular price is 890 yen, but during the period, any number of dishes will be offered at half price of 445 yen (price does not include tax, the same applies below).

Gyu-Kaku "Good Meat Day Festival !!" Campaign

In addition to this, you can get a special price for any number of dishes such as the rare "marbled tongue salt" that you can only get about 8 pieces from one head, the thick and luxurious "King Harami", and any number of beers and highballs. I will.

The target menus for "Good Meat Day Festival !!" are as follows.

・ Kuroge Wagyu Calvi Sauce 890 yen → 445 yen ・ Kuroge Wagyu Calvi Extreme Soup 990 yen → 495 yen ・ Kuroge Wagyu Beef Shabu-Shabu Extreme Soup 690 yen → 450 yen ・ Marbled top tan salt 1,280 yen → 1,180 yen ・ King Harami miso garlic 890 Yen → 490 Yen ・ Petro Sauce 490 Yen → 290 Yen ・ Chicken Thigh Salt Dashi 390 Yen 290 Yen ・ Asahi Super Dry (Medium) 500 Yen → 390 Yen ・ High Ball Various 490 Yen → Each 390 Yen ・ Soft Drink Various 290 yen → 190 yen each

To use the campaign, you need to show the coupon that can be obtained from the Gyu-Kaku official website when you are seated. It can be used when the discounted food and drink price is 3,000 yen or more.