Fujiya "Look curry (salt almonds) to enjoy with wine"
With wine

From Fujiya's long-selling brand "Look", chocolates "Look Carre (salt almonds)" and "Same (rich cheese)" will be released on October 24th. The price is open.

Look curry (salt almonds), which you can enjoy with wine, is a salty bitter chocolate with crispy and fragrant crushed almonds. It goes well with medium-bodied red wine, which is rich in fruit, and among them, wine aged in wooden barrels is especially recommended.

Look curry (rich cheese) to enjoy with wine is white chocolate using cheddar cheese with freeze-dried cheese. It looks, smells and tastes like cheese. It seems to go well with sweet white wines such as "noble rot wine" and "late picked wine" which are said to be dessert wines.

Fujiya "Look curry (rich cheese) to enjoy with wine"
It's like cheese !?