Tabasco dark chocolate

"Tabasco" is a seasoning with a spicy spiciness. It's delicious if you add a little to pasta or pizza.

Such Tabasco becomes a chocolate! According to the explanation on the back of the package, Tabasco and dark chocolate match. Is that true ... I took the courage to eat it.

This is a product of "Chocolate Traveler" that was born with the concept of "I want you to enjoy the world of chocolate as if you were traveling." It is kneaded by adding Tabasco seasoning to dark chocolate.

A can with a red color like the familiar Tabasco. The pop design that you want to keep after eating is wonderful.

Tabasco dark chocolate
Tabasco-like design

There are eight cake-like triangle-shaped chocolates inside. I don't see this type of chocolate so much, so it's fresh. At this point, there is a sweet chocolate scent.

Tabasco dark chocolate
Doesn't smell like spices

The author who likes spicy foods, who put the whole thing in his mouth. The powerful taste of cacao, which is typical of dark chocolate, spreads. The sweetness is modest but rich.

Tabasco dark chocolate
Smooth mouth

Yes, I can afford it. When I smiled, the spiciness struck with a time lag. The tongue and throat are quite tingling! I'm surprised at the stimulus that I don't think I ate chocolate. The spiciness remains on the tongue for about 10 minutes after eating. It was more spicy than I expected ...

Tabasco dark chocolate
It's too spicy to drink water

It's quite spicy to eat the whole thing from the beginning, so it's wise to eat while watching the situation with a bite. Don't be afraid to enjoy the exquisite taste of the gradation of sweetness and spiciness (?).