Dairyo Cafe au lait collaboration sweets

"Daiou Cafe au lait", also known as the "soul drink" of Fukushima residents. It is a very popular product for men and women of all ages, with plenty of rich raw milk dissolved in fragrant coffee.

Did you know that Dairyo Cafe au lait collaborates with various foods? When I visited Fukushima, I was hanging around at souvenir shops and supermarkets, and found many collaboration products. I ate some of the things I was interested in.

Dairyo Cafe au lait display shelf

"Daiou Cafe au lait ice cream" is an ice cream that uses 10% each of Dairyo Café au lait and fresh Dairyo milk. No fragrance is used. The purchase price is 300 yen.

Dairyo Cafe Ole Ice
The package is stylish

The package and the color of the ice cream are similar to those of Dairyo Cafe au lait. Spreads a rich flavor while melting smoothly. The milky taste that is characteristic of Dairyo Cafe au lait is firmly felt and it is insanely delicious! In the fresh sweetness and richness, the rich flavor of coffee is insisted. I also like the rich but refreshing aftertaste. I wonder if the fans will be satisfied with the finish.

Dairyo Cafe Ole Ice
nice smell

Dairyo Cafe Ole Ice
I always want to keep it in the freezer

By the way, when I visited the antenna shop in Fukushima in Tokyo, it was sold out because of its popularity. It is recommended to check the arrival date.

"Lunch Pack Dairyo Cafe au lait cream" is a sandwich of cream with Dairyo cafe au lait. The purchase price is 138 yen.

Packed lunch cream with dairy café au lait
Collaboration with packed lunch

The fluffy texture of bread and the melting cream go well together. The milky sweetness spreads throughout your mouth. It's mellow without any bitterness, so even children who don't like coffee can eat it deliciously.

Dairyo Cafe Ole Ice
Like raw caramel flavored with cafe au lait

Introducing another bread. "Daiou Cafe au lait whipped melon bread" has plenty of special whipped cream in the image of Dairyo cafe au lait. Dairyo cafe au lait is used in the cream at 5.8%. The purchase price is 105 yen.

Dairyo Cafe au lait whipped melon bread
Absolutely a horse

The top of the bread is not a cookie but a Danish pastry, giving it a moist texture. It creates a sense of unity with the soft fabric inside. The mouthfeel is so light that you can eat it without a drink.

The fluffy cream has an impressive deep richness. It matches perfectly with the slightly sweet dough. The last thing that goes through your nose is the mellow aroma of coffee. It is a very satisfying dish in terms of both deliciousness and volume.

Dairyo Cafe au lait whipped melon bread
There is a good taste

"Daiou Cafe au lait donut" is a donut that uses Dairyo Cafe au lait for 6.6% of the total weight. Rich taste with mellow coffee and margarine and egg flavors. The fragrance remains on the tongue. It's palm-sized and perfect for snacks.

Dairyo Cafe Ole Donuts
May be a souvenir

Only a few are introduced this time. I also saw crunches, roll cakes and caramel. Please enjoy it with Dairyo Cafe au lait!