Kanro "Kanro Candy of Milk".

Kanro will be selling a renewed version of "Kanro Candy of Milk". It has a content of 70g (2.47oz) and is priced at 227 yen (tax included).

Milk no Kanro candy

The "Milk no Kanro Candy" has a long-loved taste of "Kanro Candy" combined with mild, thick milk, and has a lot of strong fans. The renewed product is now presented as "Mitarashi Milk Flavor" to convey the harmony of mild and savory flavors from the package.

The combination of the milk flavor and the sweet mitarashi flavor is a stable taste as a Japanese sweet. The sweet and savory flavors, created by focusing on the original taste of the ingredients, create a candy with a unique taste that is addictive once you try it. The "retro-cute" package design, with its rich milk ice cream and sizzling Mitarashi sauce, expresses the nostalgic yet new taste of the candy.