MUJI "Rice Crackers" and "Karinto

MUJI will start handling rice crackers and rinto, a traditional confectionery that has been popular in Japan for a long time, on September 21. They will be available at the official online store from September 22.

MUJI "Rice Crackers" and "Karinto

Rice Crackers

Rice crackers are made from Uruchi rice or glutinous rice grown in the rice paddies of Japan. They are simply seasoned to enhance the sweetness and flavor of the rice.

To allow customers to enjoy a variety of rice crackers and deep-fried rice crackers, arare (rice crackers) and okaki (rice crackers) are also available. The selection of snacks includes small grains, bite-sized snacks, crunchy snacks, and crumbly snacks, to suit different tastes and moods. The flavors of the dashi broth have been carefully selected to add depth to the sauce itself, and shrimp, green laver, sesame seeds, and black soybeans have been kneaded into the dough to add flavor and savory notes.


Karinto" comes in sweet flavors such as brown sugar and peanut, or salty flavors such as green onion miso. Unusual forms of karinto include a fluffy rice dough baked into a fluffy texture and a crispy wheat dough sliced into thin strips and deep-fried. The variations in ingredients, manufacturing methods, and flavors are made the best use of the ingredients, and there is a rich assortment to choose from.