Thirty One Ice Cream "CRAZyyy HALLOWEEN"
This year's ice cream will be full of impact.

At each Thirty One Ice Cream store, the Halloween campaign "CRAZyyy HALLOWEEN" will be held from September 25th to October 31st. "Crazy and overkill !?" products are coming out one after another!

Halloween limited items include "Halloween Sunday" and "Omekashi Halloween Happy Doll". Halloween Sunday is a lively dessert with ice cream topped with cookies, chocolate and flavor sauces. There are two types, "Funny Sweets Sundae" and "Naughty Ghost Sundae", and the reference price is from 470 yen for a single (tax included, depending on the store).

Thirty One Ice Cream "CRAZyyy HALLOWEEN"
Funny sweets Sunday double (left) and naughty ghost Sunday double (right)

Omekashi Halloween Happy Doll is an ice cream that has transformed into a cute character. In addition to the popular "Colorful Monster" last year (2016), "New Character" "Ichime Ghost" and "Rabbit", "Cat", and "Panda" wearing chocolates of "Witch Hat" will be prepared.

Thirty One Ice Cream "CRAZyyy HALLOWEEN"
First ghost

In addition, the flavor of ice cream is also "Halloween specification".

"Cotton Candy ☆ Party" with bright Halloween colors is a Halloween version of Thirty One's popular flavor "Cotton Candy". Purple and orange candy ice cream mixed with blue, pink and white stars.

Another new work is "Pumpkin Pie". A pumpkin ice cream filled with the deliciousness of the pumpkin itself, combined with a maple cinnamon ribbon and a crispy pie.

Thirty One Ice Cream "CRAZyyy HALLOWEEN"
Cotton candy ☆ party (left) and pumpkin pie (right)

In addition, the lineup includes "Neon Monsters" that glow mysteriously when exposed to black light, and "Magical Mint Nights" that are inspired by Halloween nights, which were sold in the past.

Thirty One Ice Cream "CRAZyyy HALLOWEEN"
Neon monster (left) and magical mint knight (right)

The sale period is until the end of November for neon monsters. Others are scheduled until the end of December. The reference price for single and regular sizes is 360 yen each (tax included, depending on the store).