CAFE CREPE "Ghost Crepe"
Cute ghost crepes

"Laforet Halloween" will be held from October 1st to October 31st at Laforet Harajuku in Tokyo. A photogenic Halloween-only menu is now available at each restaurant, including the 2nd floor GOOD MEAL MARKET.

CAFE CREPE's "Ghost Crepe" is a menu with the image of a ghost by fertilizing. Pumpkin pudding, cream, caramel sauce and pumpkin ice cream are wrapped in purple crepe dough. The handwritten expression is also a noteworthy item. The price is 860 yen (tax included, same below).

MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE PIZZA BAR has Halloween limited toppings. You can make your own original chocolate pizza by topping with milk jelly or ghost marshmallow, which is the image of the centerpiece. The price is 100 yen for one ghost marshmallow and 70 yen for one eyeball jelly.

Arrange to your liking

Fresh cream anpan "Pumpkin an" in Harajuku is an anpan made from pumpkin anko. You can enjoy the elegant taste that matches the sweetness of pumpkin and the sweetness of fresh cream. The price is 324 yen.

Fresh cream anpan "Pumpkin bean paste" in Harajuku
The face of a pumpkin!

Other lineups are as follows.

onigiri stand Gyu! "Halloween pack" 648 yen

onigiri stand Gyu! "Halloween pack"

AND THE FRIET "Yellow King Pumpkin Frit" 550 yen

AND THE FRIET "Yellow King Pumpkin Frit"

LAST CHIFFON "Halo Halo Halloween Ghost" 1,180 yen

LAST CHIFFON "Halo Halo Halloween Ghost"