Gari-gari-kun multi
New work for home-use Gari-Gari-kun!

From the ice cream "Gari-Gari-kun" series, a new home-use multi-pack is now available. "Gari-Gari-kun Rich Coffee Milk (Multi)" was released on September 11th, and "Adult Gari-Gari-kun White Peach (Multi)" was released on September 18th.

Gari-Gari-kun Rich Coffee Milk (Multi) is an ice bar with coffee milk shaved ice with a crispy texture in a coffee milk ice lolly. The price is 330 yen (excluding tax) for 5 bottles. 59kcal per bottle.

Adult Gari-Gari-kun White Peach (Multi) is an ice bar with juicy white peach-flavored shaved ice with a crunchy texture in a white peach-flavored popsicle. 33% of domestic white peach juice is used, and you can enjoy the freshness, fragrance and deep taste. The price is 330 yen (excluding tax) for 6 bottles. 42 kcal per bottle.

Mini-sized Gari-gari for home use, suitable for when you want to eat a little, such as after taking a bath or dessert. Please use it for your regular ice cream at home.