Adult Gari-Gari-kun Strawberry

"Adult Gari-Gari-kun Ichigo" will be on sale from the ice cream "Gari-Gari-kun" brand. Available nationwide from June 29th.

Adult Gari-Gari-kun Strawberry

"Adult Gari-Gari-kun Strawberry" is an ice lolly that contains juicy strawberry-flavored shaved ice in strawberry-flavored ice cream. By making the ice grains finer than the conventional Gari-gari-kun, it has a crushed texture like strawberry seeds. Uses 22% strawberry juice.

The content is 100 ml and the price is 100 yen (excluding tax). The calorie per bottle is 87 kcal.

What is Gari-Gari-kun?

Gari-gari started selling in 1981. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2021. On the 40th anniversary, new flavor development that has not been released so far is planned.