New product "Twice as much ranch milk to eat"

Check out all the new ice cream and frozen desserts you care about! "Soukanjuku Pear", "Oimomonaka", "Adult Gari-Gari-kun Pink Grapefruit", "Blue Seal Red Potato & Brown Sugar", "Double Eating Ranch Milk". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Refreshing sweet pear

Lotte's "Sou" brand will release "Soukanjuku Pear ", which has a crispy texture and a refreshing aftertaste with fine ice. Uses 3 types of pear pulp.

Lotte "Soukanjuku Pear"


Marunaga Confectionery will release a new ice cream product, " Oimo Monaka". Simultaneous release of 1-piece and 5-piece multi-packs. Monaka ice cream that fills your mouth with the aroma of grilled food when you bite it.

New ice cream product "Oimo Monaka"

Adult Gari-Gari-kun Pink Grapefruit

"Adult Gari-Gari-kun Pink Grapefruit " will be on sale from the ice cream "Gari-Gari-kun" series. An ice lolly with juicy pink grapefruit-flavored shaved ice with a crunchy texture in pink grapefruit-flavored ice cream.

Gari-Gari-kun "Adult Gari-Gari-kun Pink Grapefruit"

Blue seal red potato & brown sugar

Lawson will sell a limited number of "Blue Seal Red Potato & Brown Sugar" ice bars. A slightly blue-seal popsicle for adults with two layers of Okinawan popsicles.

Lawson "Blue Seal Red Potato & Brown Sugar"

Double the ranch milk to eat

FamilyMart's No. 1 original ice cream sales "Eating Ranch" series new product " Eating Ranch Milk Double " will be released in limited quantities.

New product "Twice as much ranch milk to eat"