"Strawberry Chande" at Ozawa Pastry Shop

"Strawberry chande" is on sale at "Ozawa Pastry Shop" in Hongo 3-chome. The price is 200 yen for small size (tax included, same below), 230 yen for large size, 320 yen for extra large size.

This is a dessert with whole strawberries and fresh cream on top of homemade cookies, and the whole is coated with chocolate. You can enjoy the perfect balance between the acidity of strawberries and the sweetness of cream.

"Strawberry Chande" at Ozawa Pastry Shop
Does it look like contemporary art?

I bought a small size and an oversized size. When I cut each in half and compared them, the difference seems to be in the amount of fresh cream.

"Strawberry Chande" at Ozawa Pastry Shop
Small on the left and oversized on the right

Crispy chocolate, refreshing cream, and fresh strawberry acidity. The base cookie, which crumbles when chewed, is a good accent. It's easy to eat with just two mouthfuls, so it's a perfect dish when you want a little sweet food.

"Strawberry Chande" at Ozawa Pastry Shop
The red of the strawberry is vivid

It is often sold out, so if you really want it, it is recommended to make a reservation by the day before. If you ever pass Hongo Sanchome, why not stop by?

■ Overview of Ozawa Pastry Shop Address: 3-22-9 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: Weekdays 9: 40-19: 30, Saturdays 9: 40-18: 30 Regular holidays: Sundays and public holidays