Famima "Hololive Manmaru Yaki

Famima Hololive Manmaruyaki

"Hololive Manmaruyaki" is now on sale at FamilyMart. Priced at 230 yen per piece (tax included). Available at the chilled sweets corner.



This is the first collaboration product between "Hololive," a female VTuber group with 50 million YouTube subscribers, and Bandai's popular "Manmaruyaki" sweets. The sticky dough is filled with custard-flavored cream and branded with original deformed designs (6 types in total) on the dough surface.

A random sticker with a sparkling hologram design is included (6 types in total). The stickers are originally designed with cute deformed figures of popular Hollow Live members such as "Pekora Usuda" and "Nekomata Okayu". The back of each sticker has a profile of each character, making this a product not to be missed by HOLOLOLIVE fans.

The "


" is a chilled sweet with an original design branded on a 65mm-diameter cream-filled Imagawa-yaki. In addition, a sticker with the original design is included at random.