Azabujuban's "DUMBO"

Donuts are what I miss when it gets cooler. You can easily eat it at chain stores and convenience stores, but this time we would like to introduce a recommended donut shop. It is "DUMBO" in Azabujuban, Tokyo.

Donut shop Azabujuban DUMBO
Azabujuban donut shop "DUMBO"

DUMBO is a shop where you can enjoy the special NYC donuts and coffee blended with the donuts. Eat-in seats are also available, although in a small number.

The donuts lined up in the showcase are all big size! Twelve types were lined up on this day.

Donut shop Azabujuban DUMBO
It sells one after another and is replenished

This time, I chose a simple "plain glazed". The price is 320 yen (tax included).

Donut shop Azabujuban DUMBO
"Plain glazed"

The diameter is about a large hamburger. It's okay to bite, but if you don't want to get your mouth dirty, it's a good idea to use the knife and fork at the counter inside the store.

Donut shop Azabujuban DUMBO
Big size to cut with a knife and fork!

The fluffy dough changes to a chewy texture when chewed. The dough itself has no sweetness, and you can enjoy the flavor of yeast and the slight sweetness of glaze. Bread donut lovers are dying!

Donut shop Azabujuban DUMBO
Soft and fluffy enough to eat

If you eat one, you will be quite full. If you want to eat more, please To go. It will be put in a round plastic case so that it will not be crushed. It looks cute and is perfect as a souvenir.

Donut shop Azabujuban DUMBO
Left: Sweet and sour and cute "berry" Right: Fragrant and rich sweet "almond caramel"

A donut that has a moderate volume and is perfect for the fall of appetite. Please come hungry.

Business hours: 9:00 to 19:00