Financier "Kichijojo" with the motif of "pine cone"
Just like a pine cone!

At each Kano Shojuan store, a congratulatory financier "Kichijojo" with the motif of "pine cones" will be on sale from September 8th.

This is a Japanese-style financier made by kneading brown sugar from Hateruma and red bean paste and baking it moistly. You can enjoy the mellow and rich taste of the simple flavor of Japanese ingredients and fermented butter. Bamboo charcoal is also used to bring it closer to the color of pine cones.

Since the pine trees are lush even in the harsh cold of winter, they represent "immortality and longevity" and are regarded as a symbol of "auspiciousness". The financier in the shape of such a pine nut (pine cone) is auspicious, so it is a perfect gift.

Financier "Kichijojo" with the motif of "pine cone"
The red and white package is also auspicious!

The price is 180 yen per piece (excluding tax, the same applies below). From the end of September, 5 pieces (1,000 yen) and 10 pieces (2,000 yen) will be available. The sale period is scheduled for early February 2018.

Financier "Kichijojo" with the motif of "pine cone"
5 pieces on the left, 10 pieces on the right