"Tea Room Organic Chocolate Black Masala Chai" and "Jasmine"

We found rich tea chocolates "Tea Room Organic Chocolate Black Masala Chai" and "Jasmine" in the kitchen garden of an imported grocery store. I was attracted to the fashionable package and bought it. The price is 450 yen each (excluding tax).

Tea room chocolate is an organic chocolate that has received "USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) organic certification". Both Black Masala Chai and Jasmine are said to contain about one cup of tea in one milk chocolate. Cacao content 38%.

"Tea Room Organic Chocolate Black Masala Chai" and "Jasmine"
Country of origin is the United States

Black Masala Chai is a spicy milk tea "chai" flavored chocolate. When placed on the tongue, it melts smoothly and spreads the rich flavor of cacao. Spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, and cardamom are intertwined there. With the fragrant aroma and slight spiciness of each, it has a deep taste. In the mouth, a luxurious finish as if you drank chai itself remains.

Tea Room Organic Chocolate Black Masala Chai
Ginger is also listening

Jasmine is a dish that uses organic jasmine tea. Compared to the complex flavor of chai, this one has a sweet but refreshing taste. In chocolate, the gorgeous scent that spreads like petals open is impressive. I want to immerse myself in the harmony of rich cacao and refreshing jasmine ...!

Tea room organic chocolate jasmine
If you like jasmine tea, definitely

Chocolate in the tea room that relaxes your heart every time you eat it. You can enjoy the luxury of enjoying chocolate and tea together. How about a reward for working hard all day?