Kracie Foods "European Sugar Corn Baked Cheesecake"
For cheese lovers

From the Kracie Foods "European Sugar Cone" series, "European Sugar Cone Baked Cheesecake" and "Adult European Sugar Cone Dense Vanilla & Praline Chocolat" are on sale from August 28th.

Baked cheesecake is a cheese ice cream that is an exquisite blend of three types of cheese: Gouda, cheddar, and cream. The ice cream is wrapped in waffle sugar corn and crispy chocolate. You can enjoy a mellow and mellow taste. 5 pieces, the price is 330 yen (excluding tax).

Dense vanilla & praline chocolate is a multi-corn ice cream with assorted two types, "dense vanilla" with low sweetness and "praline chocolate" with almond scent. It is said that it is finished in a bitter and rich "upper-grade taste". 5 pieces, the price is 420 yen (excluding tax).

Kracie Foods "Adult European Sugar Corn Dense Vanilla & Praline Chocolat"
"For adults" ice cream