At each Lawson store, three types of sandwiches that allow you to enjoy the "taste of autumn" will be sold in sequence.

Sandwiches using "chestnut", "new potato" and "Shine Muscat" from the left
Sandwiches using "chestnut", "new potato" and "Shine Muscat" from the left

From September 23rd, "Mont Blanc Sandwich" is a sandwich of two types of malon cream, "moderate sweetness" and "fragrant with astringent skin". The bread is made from rice flour from Niigata prefecture, and has a moist texture. You can enjoy the simple taste of chestnuts. The price is 295 yen.

On October 7th, the potato salad sandwich "New Potato Salad Sandwich", which is a combination of "New Potato" from Hokkaido "Toyoshiro" and onions and bacon, will be released. You can enjoy the taste of the new potatoes and the chewy texture. The price is 220 yen.

On October 14th, "Shine Muscat Sandwich" using the pulp of the seasonal fruit "Shine Muscat" will be released. Shine Muscat is combined with muscat jelly with reduced sweetness and whipped cream that melts in the mouth, and is sandwiched with bread using rice flour from Niigata prefecture. The price is 350 yen.

* All listed prices include tax