Autumn-only sweets "apple pie," "pumpkin pie," and "sweet potato chiffon cake" will be on sale from September 1st at each Starbucks coffee shop.

Autumn limited sweets are now available at Starbucks
Autumn limited sweets are now available at Starbucks

The apple pie (460 yen) is a hearty dish that is also an "American household dessert." The apple filling, which is made by cutting apples into large pieces and leaving a crispy texture, is wrapped in butter-flavored puff pastry.

Pumpkin pie (420 yen) is baked by adding a large cut pumpkin to a pumpkin paste with a smooth texture. You can enjoy the natural sweetness of pumpkin, the scent of cinnamon, and the harmony of creamy whipped cream.

The sweet potato chiffon cake (380 yen) is finished with whipped cream and sweet potato paste on a fluffy chiffon dough. Sweet potato paste is said to be able to fully enjoy the rich sweetness of sweet potatoes.

Both are scheduled to be sold until October 31st.

* Prices shown do not include tax.