Mochi cream "mochi chocolate mint"
Just like mochi cream!

A little while ago, the sticky ice cream "mochi cream chocolate mint" was super horse! I told you. At one point, it sold explosively and was in short supply at supermarkets, but now it seems that inventory is stable.

Meanwhile, the company has released a product that looks exactly like this, " mochi chocolate mint"!

Mochi cream "mochi chocolate mint"
Mochi chocolate mint

Moreover, this is a super-discount price of 118 yen (both including tax) for 2 pieces, while 1 piece of mochi cream costs 138 yen. The price per piece is less than half the price.
(* On the official online shopping site for mochi cream, one mochi cream was 160 yen, and two mochi chocolate mint was 160 yen.)

Mochi cream "mochi chocolate mint"
2 pieces in 1 bag

I was curious about it, so I ate and compared the two ... I found a decisive difference!

◆ Difference # 1, size

First of all, the size is different. Mochi chocolate mint is one size smaller than mochi cream. But since there are two of these, it's a great deal.

Mochi cream "Mochi cream chocolate mint" "Mochi chocolate mint"
Mochi cream on the left and mochi chocolate mint on the right

Mochi cream "Mochi cream chocolate mint" "Mochi chocolate mint"
The left (mochi cream) is one size larger

◆ Difference # 2, type of ice cream

The type of mochi cream is ice milk (milk solids content of 10% or more, of which milk fat content is 3% or more), while mochi chocolate mint is lacto ice (milk solids content of 3% or more). In other words, mochi cream has a stronger milky feel.

However, I didn't feel much difference in the feeling of milk when I ate it.

◆ Difference # 3, the taste of mint ice cream

The color of mint ice cream is blue (pure blue) for mochi chocolate mint, while mochi cream looks slightly greenish.

Mochi cream "Mochi cream chocolate mint" "Mochi chocolate mint"
Mochi cream on the left and mochi chocolate mint on the right. Do you understand that the color of the ice cream is a little different?

When I try to eat it, the mochi chocolate mint has a slightly stronger herb feeling that comes out quickly. Mochi cream is milder.

◆ Difference # 4, chocolate inside

Mochi cream contains "chocolate cream" in mint ice cream. On the other hand, the mochi chocolate mint is "chocolate ice cream". It's the difference between cream and ice cream.

However, when I put it in my mouth, it melted, so I felt that the taste was almost the same.

In addition, the thickness and chewy texture of the dough and the crispy texture of chocolate chips are almost the same. I felt that the mochi cream contained more chocolate chips, but it may be just an individual value.

◆ Summary → After all it is profitable

The bottom line is that mochi chocolate mint is a great deal! That is.

If you look closely at the raw materials, you can understand the difference in price, but at least I didn't feel that much difference in taste, so I thought that glutinous chocolate mint would be a good deal in terms of delicious glutinous chocolate mint ice cream.

However, the herbal feeling of mint ice cream is a little strong, so you may have different tastes. Both were delicious, but I personally liked the mochi cream mint ice cream.

If both are lined up at the supermarket, why not try and compare them?

Mochi cream "Mochi cream chocolate mint" "Mochi chocolate mint"