Karaage Kun Loco Moco flavor (Demi-glace sauce flavor)
"Loco Moco taste" from Lawson to fried chicken!

A new product "Karaage Kun Loco Moco Flavor (Demi-glace Sauce Flavor)" will be released on July 11th at each Lawson store (excluding some stores). The price is 216 yen (tax included).

This product is fried chicken with the image of Hawaiian food "loco moco". It is seasoned with a rich demiglace sauce that goes well with chicken breast. This is the 198th flavor of Karaage-kun.

At the same time, "Loco Moco-style fresh pasta" (550 yen), "Japanese-style Loco Moco salad" (498 yen), and "Loco Moco-style hamburger bread" (160 yen) are also on sale. Both are loco moco menus officially recognized by the Hawaii Tourism Board.

Lawson "Loco Moco-style fresh pasta"
"Loco Moco-style fresh pasta"
Lawson "Japanese Loco Moco Salad"
"Japanese-style loco moco salad"