McDonald's Loco Moco
A new summer staple for Mac!

At each McDonald's store (excluding some stores), a new menu "Loco Moco" with the image of Hawaiian cuisine will be released on July 11th.

The lineup is as follows. * Single item price / tax included

Loco Moco 390 yen Summer Curry Loco Moco 420 yen Cheese Loco Moco 420 yen Cheese Loco Moco Fin 330 yen McFizz Blue Hawaii 250 yen McFloat Blue Hawaii 310 yen

Loco Moco is a hamburger that combines patties, eggs, lettuce, and "gravy sauce". It is said that it has a full-fledged taste with the image of Hawaiian loco moco, which is familiar in Japan. Summer curry loco moco with summer-like curry sauce and cheese loco moco with cheddar cheese are also available.

McDonald's Cheese Loco Moco
"Cheese Loco Moco" with cheddar cheese

McFizz Blue Hawaii is a light blue carbonated drink with gradation. McFloat Blue Hawaii with soft serve ice cream will also be available.

McDonald's Blue Hawaii
The refreshing light blue seems to be summer