Samangoku Exxon Pie

Fukushima's famous confectionery, Sanmangoku "Exxon Pie

In this series of articles introducing "secret masterpieces," the 53rd item is Fukushima's famous confectionery, "Ekison Pie.

The most famous confectionery in Fukushima is "Madooru," which is made of butter dough and filled with milk-flavored red bean paste. It is a baked sweet that blends Japanese and Western flavors, with a milk-flavored red bean paste wrapped in a buttery dough.

Samangoku Exxon Pie
A classic souvenir of Fukushima, "Mado-oru

The exon pie introduced here is also a product of Sammangoku, the company that makes madooru. I learned of its existence from a staff member from Fukushima who said, "I like Ekison Pie better than Mad ooru," and I obtained one when I visited Fukushima.

Samangoku Exxon Pie
What is exxon pie, which people from Fukushima say they like better than madoru?

Exxon" means "shield" in French.

The unfamiliar word "exon" means "shield" in French. It is a flat rectangle that looks like a shield if you want to look at it.

Samangoku Exxon Pie

Samangoku Exxon Pie
Pie shaped like a shield

The shield is made of layers of pie crust. It is made to be savory and buttery. It is moist rather than crispy.

The name makes one think it is a Western-style pastry, but the filling is white bean paste with walnuts. The rich, thick sweetness is accented with a crispy texture.

Samangoku Exxon Pie
The inside is a white bean jam with walnuts, which is unexpected and good!

The sweet bean paste melts in the heat of the mouth, gradually increasing its sweetness, and the pie crust is incorporated into the filling. The three elements of red bean paste, walnuts, and butter meld together to create a rich and flavorful taste. The slight hint of saltiness tightens the taste and invites you to take another bite.

The rich flavor makes you want a cup of coffee, and is recommended for those with a sweet tooth. The palm-size size makes each piece very satisfying.

Samangoku Exxon Pie
Solidly sweet & palm-sized for a satisfying experience.

The gentle taste of Mamadooru is good, but if you have a sweet tooth, be sure to check out this one as well. The product is available at Sanmangoku stores, online stores, and some souvenir stores in Fukushima Prefecture.

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