Happy turn to "Amazon Dash Button"

"Happy Turn" and "Kaki no Tane of Kameda" have appeared on Amazon.co.jp's "Amazon Dash Button" service, which delivers products at the push of a button, from June 28th.

Amazon Dash Button is a service that allows you to order and deliver products at once by simply pressing a button on the terminal. For Amazon Prime members. The device can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp and the price is 500 yen (tax included). * Wi-Fi environment is required for use

The product lineup of the Happy Turn Kameda Kaki no Tane series is as follows. You can set the items and quantity that you receive at the push of a button using the Amazon Shopping App on your smartphone.

120g (4.23oz) happy turn
67g (2.36oz) happy turn
65g (2.29oz) Easy happy turn
32g (1.13oz) Happy Turn "

200g (7.05oz) Kameda persimmon seeds packed in 6 bags
182g (6.42oz) Kameda Kaki no Tane Wasabi 6 bags
182g (6.42oz) Kameda Kaki no Tane Umeshiso 6 bags
200g (7.05oz) reduced salt Kameda persimmon seeds 6 bags
265g (9.35oz) Kameda Kaki no Tane 9 bags
250g (8.82oz) Kameda Kaki no Tane 3 Assortment
130g (4.59oz) 100% Kameda persimmon seeds

Kameda Kaki no Tane on "Amazon Dash Button"