Confectionery Series "Clear Toothbrush

From Teas Factory's very popular candy series, "Clear Toothbrush" and "Banzouko" will be available from early to mid-June.

Clear Toothbrush

Very stylish with clear specifications! The round lens effect makes the picture look bigger. It is a good thing to have something cute to use every day, isn't it? There are five types: KUPPY RAMUNE, COCOA CIGARETTE, MARUKAWA FUSENGUM (strawberry, grape, orange). The price is 450 yen (tax not included). Size is approx. H167xW13xD15mm. package size is approx. H220xW39xD17mm.

Confectionery Series "Clear Toothbrush


5 patterns, 3 sheets of each, 15 sheets total. Every pattern is sure to draw attention! There are four types: Happy Turn, Marukawa Fusen Gum (strawberry, grape, and orange). The price is reasonable, and a complete collection of all types is recommended. The price is 380 yen. Size: approx. H19 x W73 mm, package size: approx. H120 x W65 mm.

Sweets "Banzoukou

Clear Toothbrush" and "Banzouko" with cute and nostalgic design. Get the pattern you like!