Starbucks Mango Tea Frappe
Tropical spring new work!

New products "Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea Frappuccino" and "Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea" will be released on March 15th at each Starbucks Coffee store (excluding some stores).

Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea Frappuccino is a Frappuccino made from black tea and milk, mandarin and mango, and coconut, with a light texture and roasted coconut. You can enjoy the sweet and gorgeous scent of mandarin and mango, the mild taste of coconut milk, and the texture of roasted coconut. The price is 570 yen (excluding tax).

Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea is a fruity hot drink based on youth berry tea with a gorgeous and sweet scent, with mandarin and mango that go well with each other. Coconut milk is added as an accent to create a light and mild aftertaste. The price starts from 430 yen (excluding tax) for the short size.