Lotteria Tartar Egg Burger Bacon Hamburger
New menu for Lotteria breakfast

At each Lotteria store (excluding some stores), seven items such as the new morning menu product "Tartar Egg Burger" will be released on March 23. The lineup is as follows. * Prices shown include tax

・ Tartar egg burger 290 yen A hamburger with hamburger patty and half-ripe egg topped with ketchup and Lotteria's original tartar sauce.

・ Bacon hamburger 390 yen A hamburger that combines hamburger patty and bacon smoked with cherry chips to condense the flavor. It is topped with mayonnaise sauce with black pepper, which goes well with smoked bacon.

・ Hash potato 150 yen Chopped potatoes fried crispy in vegetable oil.

・ Grilled chicken tomato sandwich 360 yen ・ Hash bacon and eggs burger 360 yen ・ 7 kinds of vegetable minestrone 350 yen ・ 7 kinds of vegetable milk soup 350 yen

Lotteria Grilled Chicken Tomato Sandwich Hash Bacon Egg Burger
Sandwiches with plenty of vegetables