Lotte "Cranky [Matcha & Cookies]"
Matcha chocolate bar

From Lotte's "Cranky" chocolate series, "Cranky [Matcha & Cookies]" and "Cranky [Soft Chocolate Tailoring]" were released on March 7th.

Cranky [Matcha & Cookies] is a crunchy stuffed with puffs and cocoa cookie crunch in a flavorful matcha chocolate. You can enjoy two textures, crispy and crunchy, with one piece. The estimated price is around 110 yen (excluding tax).

Cranky [Soft Chocolate Tailoring] is a two-layered Cranky made by blending malt puff with soft and soft chocolate and wrapping it in milk chocolate. You can enjoy the crispy texture of malt puffs. The estimated price is around 240 yen (excluding tax).

Lotte "Cranky [soft chocolate tailoring]"
Easy-to-eat individual packaging