Lotte "Cranky Pop Joy [Caramel and Cheese]".


RANKY POP JOY [Caramel and Cheese] From the well-known "Cranky" series by LOTTE with its crunchy texture, the bite-sized "Cranky Pop Joy [Caramel and Cheese]" will be available. The product will go on sale on March 7. The product will go on sale on March 7, 2012, with a content of 34g (1.2oz) and an estimated price of around 149 yen (including tax).

Cranky Popjoys [Caramel and


From the Cranky series, which offers a delicious combination of the crunchy texture of malt puffs and chocolate, comes a new product in a bite-size, hard-to-reach Popjoy form. This is the third product in the highly popular "2 Kinds Assortment" series. The new product combines the bittersweet caramel flavor with the salty cheese flavor of cheddar cheese.