Tully's Coffee "Classic Pancake Maple Butter"
The deliciousness of the royal road! Classic pancake maple butter

"Classic Pancake Maple Butter" and "Hot Banana Custard Cake" were released on March 3 at each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores).

The difference from the "T's pancakes" that have been offered so far is that the texture is "crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and juwatto". By kneading buttermilk into the dough, the scent of butter is rich in flavor, and it is said that it has a salty yet well-balanced taste.

Classic Pancake Maple Butter is a "royal road" pancake that combines butter, maple sauce, and whipped cream. It's simple but not too sweet, and you can enjoy the delicious taste that you won't get tired of. The price is 650 yen (tax included, same below).

On the other hand, hot banana custard cake is a hot dessert with the image of fruit gratin and baked pudding. The mellow sweetness of warm bananas and custard mousse seems to match the slightly salty pancakes. The scent of cinnamon and Tully's honey topped with the finish is appetizing. The price is 730 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Hot Banana Custard Cake"
A little rich hot banana custard cake