Tully's "Local Teddy"

TULLY'S COFFEE will start selling "local teddy" from September 30, 2012, at stores in each region. Anniversary items "25th Anniversary Stainless Bottle" and "25th Anniversary Mug" will also be available nationwide from the same date.

Local Teddy

The "local teddy" will be available only in popular sightseeing areas, and will be designed with the characteristics and specialties of each area. These adorable and unique teddies, which will be familiar to local people, are not only for fans of Tully's Teddy to enjoy, but are also recommended as souvenirs of your trip.

The list is as follows. Some stores may not carry the teddies.

Local Teddy Hokkaido (Salmon)

Limited to Hokkaido. Price: 1,485 yen (tax included).

Local Teddy Sendai (Beef tongue)

Available only in Miyagi Prefecture. Price: 1,595 yen.

Gotochi Teddy Tokyo (Casual)

Only available in Tokyo. Price: 1,650 yen.

GOTOCHI TEDDY Yokohama (Sailor)

Limited to Kanagawa Prefecture. Price: 1,650 yen.

Local Teddy Nagoya (Cafe)

Limited to Aichi Prefecture. Price: 1,595 yen.

Gotochi Teddy Hakata (Strawberry)

Limited to Fukuoka Prefecture. Price: 1,650 yen.

Gotochi Teddy Hiroshima (Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki)

Available only in Hiroshima Prefecture. Price: 1,595 yen.

Gotochi Teddy Kyoto (Hakama)

Limited to Kyoto Prefecture. Price: 1,595 yen.

25th Anniversary Stainless Bottle

Tully's "25th Anniversary Stainless Steel Bottle" and "25th Anniversary Mug

A special 25th anniversary design featuring Tully's apron and coffee-related motifs. Priced at 2,750 yen.

25th Anniversary Mug

Price: 1,650 yen.