Mos Burger "Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger"
Rich yet refreshing taste

"Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger", which was sold last year (2016) and was very popular, has been revived at each Mos Burger store. It will be on sale for a limited time from March 28th to the end of May (excluding some stores). The price is 390 yen (tax included).

This is an arrangement of Moss' original Teriyaki burger. Teriyaki sauce with red miso, white miso and soy sauce is entwined with juicy patties, and plenty of lettuce and cream cheese are put on it and sandwiched in buns.

Several types of cream cheese, such as those from Hokkaido, are mixed, and domestic butter is added to create a rich and creamy taste. This year, the composition of cream cheese has been changed, and the richness and cheese feel have improved compared to last year.

In addition, "Cream Cheese Double Teriyaki Burger", which has two patties of Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger, will also be on sale. The price is 510 yen (tax included).