Lotteria "To go only! Pack from Toro-ri Pote"

At Lotteria, "To go Limited! Toro-ri Pote to Pack" will be on sale from December 9th to January 10th, 2022 (excluding some stores). There are three types: "Toro-ri Chi" pack, "Toro-ri shrimp" pack, and "Toro-ri-ri" pack.

To go only! Pack from melty pote

A great coupon plan limited to To go. When you present the target coupon on the Lotteria official website at the time of ordering, you can purchase the "Toro-Ri Chi" pack, "Toro-ri Shrimp" pack, and "Toro-Riteri" pack at a great price of 590 yen each. I can do it. * Price is 8% tax included, same below.

"Torori Chi" pack

Coarsely ground beef to a maximum of about 8 mm, seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano, topped with two types of natural cheese and baked to a juicy texture. , Mascarpone cheese, cream cheese blended cheese sauce topped with buns sandwiched between "Torori Hokkaido cheese & exquisite cheeseburger", "French fried potato S", "Chicken fried (3 bottles)" pack. The regular price is 777 yen, but 590 yen.

Lotteria "To go Limited! Toro-Ri Pote to Pack" "Toro-Ri Chi" Pack

"Torori shrimp" pack

Using fried shrimp of Banamei type, special tartar sauce and crispy cabbage are sandwiched between buns with cheese sauce underneath on top of shrimp patties that are crispy with about 12 mm coarsely ground bread crumbs. A pack of "Toro-ri Hokkaido Cheese & Shrimp Burger", "French Fried Potato S", and "Chicken Karaage (3 Pieces)". The regular price is 758 yen, but 590 yen.

Lotteria "To go Limited! Toro-ri Pote to Pack" "Toro-ri Shrimp" Pack

"Toro-Riteri" pack

Cheese sauce under the hamburger patty, and a special teriyaki sauce with a perfect balance of richness and taste, mayonnaise, lettuce, and mustard sandwiched between buns, "Teriyaki Hokkaido Cheese & Teriyaki Burger", "French Fried Potato" A pack of "S" and "Chicken sauce (3 bottles)". The regular price is 719 yen, but 590 yen.

Lotteria "To go Limited! Toro-Ri Pote to Pack" "Toro-Riteri" Pack