Snow Brand Megmilk "Layered Dolce Matcha Tiramisu"
Arrange tiramisu with matcha

From the Megmilk Snow Brand fromage sweets "Layered Dolce" series, "Layered Dolce Matcha Tiramisu" will be released on March 7th, and "Same Mango and Orange Rare Cheese" will be released on April 4th. The estimated price is 130 yen each (excluding tax).

Matcha tiramisu is a product that arranges the classic tiramisu of the same series with the popular material matcha. Dense mascarpone, sponge sauce blended with matcha and roasted green tea, bittersweet matcha pudding, and cream are layered. The taste is such that the bittersweetness of matcha stands out in the mellowness.

Snow Brand Megmilk "Layered Dolce Matcha Tiramisu"
4-layer tailoring

Rare cheese of mango and orange is a product of yogurt with cream cheese, orange sauce with passion fruit scented with summer orange peel, mango rare cheese, and mellow cream. It is said that it is made into a refreshing rare cheese for spring and summer.

Snow Brand Megmilk "Layered Dolce Mango and Orange Rare Cheese"
Perfect for spring and summer