Matcha pudding from Pudding Research Institute
Opened in JR Kyoto Isetan!

"Purin Research Institute", which specializes in order sales, will open a store at JR Kyoto Isetan 10F "Delicious Things Exhibition" for a limited time from February 22nd to February 27th.

The Pudding Research Institute is a pudding specialty store that thoroughly focuses on raw materials and manufacturing methods. We carry a variety of puddings, from old-fashioned royal road puddings to rich matcha puddings that use 30g (1.06oz) of 10,000 yen "ultra-luxury matcha".

True pudding of the pudding laboratory
Discerning pudding

The puddings to be sold are as follows (all prices include tax).

True pudding "Hard" "Smooth" 735 yen each Coffee pudding "Purin blend" 735 yen, "Specialty" 951 yen Vanilla pudding "Madagascar" "Tahichi" 843 yen Tea pudding "Assam" "Irish malt" 735 yen each Yen Matcha pudding "Okoi" 6,372 yen, "Ousu" 3,888 yen Limited to one each day Pumpkin pudding "Kuririn" 951 yen

Pudding Institute Pudding
Rich lineup