Koike-ya "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO fascinating roasted Japanese beef"
"Pride potato fascinating roasted Wagyu beef" is temporarily suspended

The potato chips "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Enchanted Wagyu Beef" sold by Koike-ya will be temporarily suspended. On February 14, there was an announcement from Koike-ya.

Three flavors were released: "secret rich salt", "matsutake mushroom scented extreme salt", and "fascinating roasted Japanese beef", but "the situation is that the initial sales plan is significantly exceeded and sufficient supply cannot be secured." As a result, the production will be concentrated on "secret rich salt" and "matsutake mushroom scented extreme salt" to ensure a stable supply.

Sales of "Enchanted Roasted Wagyu Beef" will be resumed as soon as a sufficient supply system is established.

Koike-ya "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO secret rich paste salt"
With secret rich seaweed salt

Koike-ya "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO matsutake mushroom scented extreme salt"
Matsutake mushroom scented extreme salt will continue to be sold