Mister Donut "Roasted Marshmallow Chocolate"
"Roasted marshmallow chocolate chocolate almond snow" sandwiched with roasted marshmallow

A new product "Roasted Marshmallow Chocolate" will be released on February 15th at each Mister Donut store (excluding some stores).

A donut made of chocolate dough with couverture chocolate sandwiched between roasted marshmallows. You can enjoy the collaboration between the moist and fluffy texture of the dough and the "fluffy" texture of the roasted marshmallows.

There are two types of lineup: "Chocolate Almond Snow" decorated with sugar, chocolate and roasted almonds, and "White" decorated with sugar, white chocolate and cereal chocolate. The price is 129 yen (tax included).

Mister Donut "Roasted Marshmallow Chocolate"
"Roasted marshmallow chocolate white"

In addition, the following products will be released at the same time. * Prices shown include tax

Chocolat Danish White 162 yen Pon de White Chocolat 140 yen Pon de Couverture Chocolate Whip White 140 yen Donut Pop White Chocolat Mix 5 types 37 yen each