Domino's Pizza "Quattro / Kijo Mayonnaise"
A pizza that is "the strongest in Domino history" and exciting?

From Domino's Pizza, a new product "Quattro / Kijo Mayonnaise", which is a "Quattro Maiden Mayonnaise" topped with "Spicy Harapinio" twice, is on sale from February 13th for online orders only. Limited time until mid-March.

This is a new pizza with plenty of mayonnaise and mentaiko, "Quattro Maiden's Mayonnaise", and the spicy green pepper "Halapinio" twice as much as usual. The whole pizza turns green and you can enjoy the exciting look and taste.

By adding a strong spicy accent to the seafood and mayonnaise toppings that go well with menta mayonnaise, it is said that the taste is "spicy but unstoppable".

The price is 2,600 yen for M size and 3,900 yen for L size, both excluding tax.